PPKC’s First Shodan

For the first time since the club began in 2009, the PPKC now has their first ever shodan (or 1–dan; a rank equivalent to black belt) from the batch who started to learn kendo in the club.

VJ at the recently-conclused 16th Hong Kong Taikai, right after the shinsa.

VJ at the recently-concluded 16th Hong Kong Taikai, right after the shinsa (exam).

VJ had been a member of the club since 2011 and this previous weekend, she took part in the 16th Hong Kong Asia Open Kendo Championships, where she had taken her dan exam and had passed. She also participated in the taikai (tournament) but competed for the Philippine team (IGA Kendo Club, who adopted her) in the absence of a Cambodian delegation.

We hope that this will inspire our other members to level– up too and eventually entice our local members to debut in the international tournament scene.


About phnompenhkendo

The Phnom Penh Kendo Club was established in 2009 to introduce and promote Kendo in Cambodia. Currently, this is the only kendo club in Cambodia.

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