Victor M. Aguayo, 3-dan

Victor started practicing kendo at the San Francisco Kendo Dojo in San Francisco, CA USA.  He is a member of the Northern California Kendo Federation and the All United States Kendo Federation and leads the Phnom Penh Kendo Club.

As of January 2013, Coach Victor and Kyoko had left Cambodia, but remains as two very important members of the club.

Dr. Mori

Dr. Mori joined the Phnom Penh Kendo Club in August 2011.  Before coming to Cambodia, he practiced kendo in Osaka, Japan and in Queensland, Australia.

Yoshida Kato


Yoshida–san trained in Japan and joined the club in May 2012 after moving to the country. He is one of the senior yudansha members of the club, who can often be found training beginners and/or advanced bogu members, and leads kata practice.

3 Jeff Sills


Jeff-sensei (4-dan) trained in the U.S.and went on an 6-year kendo hiatus before joining the club sometime towards the end of 2014. He presides over Tuesday night practice and is a fan of big wazas.


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