Kizuna Festival Kendo Demonstration

Last Feb. 21’s Kizuna Festival marks the Phnom Penh Kendo Club’s 4th year to participate in the Martial Arts demonstration alongside Aikido, Kobudo and Bokator.

The club began their introduction of kendo through a demonstration of the tachi kata (long sword forms) of the Nippon Kendo Kata, performed by the ladies of the PPKC.

ppkc kizuna demo kata

Nihon Kendo [Tachi] Kata  demonstration (Photo courtesy of CJCC)

It as then followed by samples of the Kihon Kata (Fundamentals), which were demonstrated by the bogu (armored) members, immediately followed up by a mock tournament demonstration.

ppkc kizuna demo shiaigeiko

Shiaigeiko (Photo courtesy of CJCC)

Afterwards, a demonstration of the beginners practice was performed, wherein they did basic cuts and finally, they encouraged the audience to give kendo a try by trying to hit the men (head) of bogu members.

ppkc kizuna demo beginners

Bogu members with beginners (Photo courtesy of CJCC)

ppkc kizuna demo voluteers

Bogu members with audience participation (Photo courtesy of CJCC)


4th Kizuna Fest Kendo Demo

For the fourth year in a row, the PPKC will once again participate in the Martial Arts demo event of the Kizuna Festival on Feb. 21 (Sunday) @ 10:25 AM at the Angkor Kizuna Hall of CJCC (Cambodia Japan Cooperation Center). Come watch us perform and join in the fun!


PPKC Welcomes New Sensei

We have the most wonderful blessing of having Kyoshi 7–dan Katsunori Osuga–sensei become part of the PPKC family. He joined us for Sunday keiko, which fell on Valentine’s Day, making the occasion extra special particularly when everyone seemed to have been hit by cupid’s arrow and fell instantly in love with Osuga–sensei’s gentle instruction and wisdom. Some of them who attended Tuesday night practice had the pleasure of being introduced to his lovely wife, Libby, who is a certified Pilates instructor.

He will officially become our esteemed member in March, when they finally move residence to Phnom Penh.


PPKC Visited by Vietnam Friends

Last January 17 and 18, the PPKC was visited by friends they’ve made in Vietnam through the 1st and 2nd Vietnam Open Kendo Championships. The club had the pleasure and the challenge of doing keiko with two nitoryu practitioners from Toukai Kendo Club, while they were thrilled to cross swords again with a member from RMIT SGS Kendo Club, who had visited the club exactly a year ago.




It was a hot and sweltering two days of kendo practice, but on Sunday there was a mock shiai between the two countries, and then a mixed members team shiaigeiko. Everyone had fun with this rare experience.

Dojo Inauguration

The dojo opening ceremony has been moved to December 12 (Saturday). We will hold a martial arts demonstration (by the Aikido, Kobudo, Bokator and Kendo groups) @ 9:15 A.M.

phnom penh kendo club kata yohonme

Kata practice

Below is the programme prepared by the President of the Cambodia Aikido Association, Mr. Ravuth.

Inauguration Programme:

7:30 Arrival of participants and journalists

8:15 Arrival of VIPs

8:30 Opening ceremony/National anthem of Japan and Cambodia/Introduciton of VIPs

8:40 Welcome speech by Mr. Ravuth/ Complimentary speeches by Ambassador Kumamaru Yuji and Minister Hang Chuon Naron

9:00 Ribbon cutting

9:15 Martial art demo

10:30 End of Programme

  1. We hope you can attend and watch us celebrate the inauguration of our beloved dojo, the Cambodia-Japan Traditional Martial Arts Center, located in the Olympic Stadium compound, at the National Sports Complex area.


New Home for the PPKC

The Phnom Penh Kendo Club now has a new dojo!

Shared with other martial arts group like the Cambodia Aikido Association, the Karate–do Federation, Kobudo and Bokator, the PPKC now has regular training space at the main dojo of the Cambodia–Japan Traditional Martial Arts Center (CJTMC), which was an initiative started by Kaneko–sensei of the Cambodia Aikido Association in cooperation with the Embassy of Japan, and the KUSANONE group.

Having this space means the club can now practice 4x a week, and hopefully next year to a daily practice schedule. The dojo also has locker rooms and showers for members to use, which now makes it more convenient for them to store their belongings safely and get themselves refreshed afterwards.

The PPKC moved to the new dojo in mid–October, starting their regular training periods right after P’Chum Ben, and the opening ceremony was initially set on the 22nd of November, but concerns over the availability of people on this date so close to the Water Festival means that the ceremony may be postponed to a later date.

Please stay tuned for more updates.