Practice Cancelled this Week

Tuesday kendo (Sep. 20) and Thursday iaido (Sep. 22) will be cancelled due to repairs being done at the dojo. Please check up on us again about weekend practice.

Thank you.

1st Cambodian National Kendo Team Competes in Bangkok

Last July 9 and 10 of this year, Cambodia sent its very first National Team members to Bangkok, Thailand for the 11th ASEAN Kendo Championships, which is held every 3 years. Our all–Cambodian team joined the Men’s Individual and 5–Men’s Team categories, while our one and only female representative joined the Women’s Individual tournament. Although our members have lost all their matches, they all saw it a great experience and exposure in appreciating kendo better.

Meanwhile, another of our home–grown kendo members also joined the ASEAN tournament, but as a national team member for the Philippines.  She participated in both Women’s Individual and 5– Women’s Team matches against Thailand’s A team and Vietnam’s B team.

Below is a write–up by our acting club Chairman, Dr. Mori, about our national team members and their matches.



A Summary of Cambodian National Team Expedition to 11th ASEAN Kendo Tournament 2016 Bangkok, Thailand

SENPO: Kosal Kong CAM 5
He fought bravely. In individual match, He attacked intrepidly against Nitouryu who won the tournament.
However absolute shortage of Keiko was not covered enough with his fighting spirit. Come more to Dojo and do good Keiko.

SENPO: Dena Heng (Steven Heng) CAM 4
He is a Jodan player. He had a match with another Jodan and he never lose in same time Men attack. However lucking in the skill to separate,and at middle distance to get unprepared attacks.
We don’t have enough time to learn some practical technics.

JIHO: Sochyvonn Nora CAM 3
When we turn on the switch to AKT, he had still only 3 months experience of Kendo. He refused strongly to join the tournament however I believed his improvement with his strong body and mind to push him into the team. Since then, he did the hardest Keiko than everybody. I always said ” Don’t worry ” but he was worried all the time. After the first day of tournament, I asked him ” Did they make you frightened ? ” He said “No”. ” Is the difference so big to do nothing?” He said “I don’t know!” But I saw He did the longest Keiko after the games that meant He had felt he can do something to make the difference in between opponents and him smaller.
I hope Nora to be a reader of Cambodian kendo in the future.

CHUKEN: Hocklee Heng CAM 2
He knows how to charge his energy. So I said just “Relax and do your Kendo!”. He charged his energy by losing game by game, ippon by ippon. Then in the last match, he was in the ZONE!
He got 2 fine breathtaking MEN and win the match. By his winning, every team members know the difference in-between Winning and Losing. Thank you Hocklee Heng!

FUKUSYO: ヘン ボレット CAM 6
He jumped in to the Dojo on a Saturday morning which was a deadline of the entry for AKT after 3 years absent.
I said to him ” This is a Oracle! you should join the tournament! ”
He agreed and became one of a leader of the team.
He did very well in the games. Against very strong 2 opponents, he fought a 0-0 tie until the end of time.
Need a little more experience and relax then he will be a strong Kendo player with his experience of Ryukyu Kobudou.

TAISYO: Sothea Tch CAM 1
He is one of the longest member of our club, however he is too busy to join Keiko.
With his gentle nature he never appeared aggressiveness in his Kendo. That is why I put him on TAISYO all the times.
He injured his shoulder tendon before the team matches but he showed me outstanding 5 continuous Men-uchi until the end of the court against a skilful, speedy,strong Indonesian A team TAISYOU.
Refer to the Video, I can see 2 of nice striking hit the centre of Men and this attack made my tears drop on the floor.
Thank you Sotea!

Women individual: Tha Nuth CAM 7
She knew her skill and experience was not enough to AKT.
She was very brave to hand up to join the team. She made the history of Cambodian woman participation to AKT!! All Cambodian woman Kendo players! watch this brave senpai and follow her to the next AKT.
Keiko before AKT often she was sobbing quietly in her Men and said
” I have never fight with others so I can’t make a big voice.” But finally she understand Kendo is not beating the opponent but beating her weakness of mind. The voice is not shouting to the opponent but naturally come up from Tanden when she concentrate and fulfil her energy.
In the last match of her, I heard big voices out of her which exceed the voice of strong opponent.
Your trace will be a track and trail! Thank you for showing your brave Lion Heart!!

In the tournament, our team did our Kendo well which characterise “Do not go Backward,””Do not be Passive,” and “Hit! If you have time to receive!”. It was really a good point.
In the mean time, our team members felt absolute shortage of skills and technic to Shiai and felt every participants’ great efforts to the tournament. Now we feel great respect to them.
One of our member got 2 fine strikes of Men points and won the match. This fact made us encouraged and realise what is the difference in-between winning any losing.
The Cambodian National Team did well and deserve the name bestowed by Minister of Education and Sport.
I wish to express our gratitude to Osuga sensei (7dan Kyoshi),Sakata sensei and many sensei who gave the guidance to us.
I have no word of gratitude to many supporters who support our expedition financially. Without your help, the dream had not come true.

10 years later, I wish I were able to see all these ” Seven Samurai ” still doing Kendo keenly, and talk about this expedition as a beautiful and nostalgic memory talk with them.

Thank you everybody



We are also deeply grateful for the valuable support from our sponsors.

PPKC Kendo & Iaido Weekends

Last Saturday (May 21), two of our ladies — along with Osuga-sensei — participated in a kata demonstration of Nihon Kendo Kata and Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido kata (respcetively)  for an “Introduction to Karate” seminar conducted by Mr. Isato Ochi of the Shikoku Ichiden Ryu at the CJCC.


Courtesy of VJ Joson

The next day, Sunday (May 22), Mr. Ochi joined the first batch  of  Iaido students learning from Osuga-sensei, which is composed of members from the club, along with Andy Kent from Shotokan Dojo, and one visitor from Japan who studied Iaido under Osuga-sensei back in Manila, Philippines.

An hour later, everyone did kendo together, where they were joined by another traveling visitor from Japan.


Courtesy of Dr. Mori

The PPKC now holds Iaido classes every Thursday at 6:30 PM in the main dojo.

New and Updates (May ’16)

The Phnom Penh Kendo Club had been very fortunate to receive visitors from different countries and cross shinais with them in our beloved dojo, which according to our visitors has the best floors for kendo!

March 12

Pablo Perez from the Kenwakai kendo dojo in Madrid, Spain joined us for keiko one weekend during his holiday here in Cambodia. He proved himself a force to be reckoned with, giving his very best while enduring the unforgiving heat and humidity of the day with a seemingly never–ending jigeiko from members who wanted to spar with him one after another.


April 7 &  9

Christopher Wong–sensei, an esteemed kenshi and public figure from Malaysia, then attended our Thursday and Saturday practices during his business trip here in Phnom Penh before the Khmer New Year. The members had a real privilege and pleasure to learn from him and spar with him during kihon and jigeiko respectively. He says he really enjoyed doing kendo with us, and we hope he can come and visit us again.


April 21

Mr. Ono from Hong Kong unexpectedly joined Thursday practice straight from the airport. The senseis were thrilled.



On other news, a Cambodian national team is finally formed for the very first time, and the delegates will be participating in the 11th ASEAN Kendo Tournament, which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand in July. We wish them the very best and are already proud of them for taking this frightening leap of entering the kendo sporting community.

PPKC’s First Shodan

For the first time since the club began in 2009, the PPKC now has their first ever shodan (or 1–dan; a rank equivalent to black belt) from the batch who started to learn kendo in the club.

VJ at the recently-conclused 16th Hong Kong Taikai, right after the shinsa.

VJ at the recently-concluded 16th Hong Kong Taikai, right after the shinsa (exam).

VJ had been a member of the club since 2011 and this previous weekend, she took part in the 16th Hong Kong Asia Open Kendo Championships, where she had taken her dan exam and had passed. She also participated in the taikai (tournament) but competed for the Philippine team (IGA Kendo Club, who adopted her) in the absence of a Cambodian delegation.

We hope that this will inspire our other members to level– up too and eventually entice our local members to debut in the international tournament scene.

Kizuna Festival Kendo Demonstration

Last Feb. 21’s Kizuna Festival marks the Phnom Penh Kendo Club’s 4th year to participate in the Martial Arts demonstration alongside Aikido, Kobudo and Bokator.

The club began their introduction of kendo through a demonstration of the tachi kata (long sword forms) of the Nippon Kendo Kata, performed by the ladies of the PPKC.

ppkc kizuna demo kata

Nihon Kendo [Tachi] Kata  demonstration (Photo courtesy of CJCC)

It as then followed by samples of the Kihon Kata (Fundamentals), which were demonstrated by the bogu (armored) members, immediately followed up by a mock tournament demonstration.

ppkc kizuna demo shiaigeiko

Shiaigeiko (Photo courtesy of CJCC)

Afterwards, a demonstration of the beginners practice was performed, wherein they did basic cuts and finally, they encouraged the audience to give kendo a try by trying to hit the men (head) of bogu members.

ppkc kizuna demo beginners

Bogu members with beginners (Photo courtesy of CJCC)

ppkc kizuna demo voluteers

Bogu members with audience participation (Photo courtesy of CJCC)