Etiquette and Terminologies

Etiquette is very important in kendo. It fosters respect for the dojo and the practitioners inside it. The following are basic etiquette observed by the Phnom Penh Kendo Club members:

  1. Remove your shoes before entering the practice area.
  2. Bow as you enter, and bow again as you leave.
  3. Acknowledge the coach or the instructor with a bow (or a general greeting).
  4. Leave your belongings in the locker room.
  5. Maintain a smart appearance (keikogi and hakamagi must look clean, pressed, and neatly worn).
  6. Always pass behind anyone wearing armor.
  7. Ensure that your shinai’s tip is not hitting anything or anyone (treat it as if it’s a real sword).
  8. Food and sweetened drinks are strictly prohibited within the dojo; only water is allowed.
  9. Pay attention to the coaches and move quickly when instructions are given.

For kendo terminologies frequently used in class, download the Kendo Practice Glossary or ask for a copy of the club handbook after practice.


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